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Downtown Urban Design Analysis

Together the City and the DDA contracted with Lord Aeck Sargent (LAS) to conduct a technical urban design analysis that works off the current downtown master plan, the newly adopted street grid, and the proposed downtown zoning code. This technical analysis provides the City with a tool to see how our different planning actions are coming together to create a fabulous downtown. The analysis took into consideration stormwater, bike paths, and parking options. And maybe most importantly, the team modeled potential development based on the street grid and the proposed zoning codes. 

Avondale Estates Downtown Master Plan

The Avondale Estates Downtown Master Plan was

unveiled in 2014 with enthusiasm and anticipation

from residents. Since then, the City of Avondale

Estates and Downtown Development Authority

leaders have been working on strategies to bring this

big-picture plan to life. Created over many-months

and involving large numbers of residents, business

owners, and other stakeholders, the 2014 Downtown

MasterPlan (DMP) provides an aspirational guide for


avondale image 1.jpg


The Avondale Estates vision calls for a unique pedestrian-oriented town center with new development that preserves and celebrates the City’s arts and cultural heritage and provides housing and destinations for shopping and services, all within an environment of tree-lined streets, pocket parks, and plazas along with a network of streets with wide sidewalks and bike facilities to provide safe connectivity throughout downtown and to MARTA and surrounding neighborhoods.

Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)

The 2016 Comprehensive Development Plan reinforces the principles established in 2014 through the Downtown Master Plan. Cities in Georgia update their required Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) every five years, and it is time for Avondale Estates to do just that. The City kicked off the planning process in December 2020 and will complete the plan in October of 2021.  Over that time, the City will revisit the downtown goals which, as stated as:


·       Protect and enhance the City of Avondale Estates’ historic character and small-town atmosphere while facilitating smart growth and development

·       Leverage the City of Avondale Estates’ unique identity and location in the region to strengthen existing businesses and drive new economic development  

·       Promote an active, healthy community with opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of greenspace

·       Maintain and expand the range of housing options in appropriate areas to accommodate a diverse population and workforce

Downtown Re-Zoning

The City contracted with the consulting team, Clark Patterson Lee (CPL) to revise the city's zoning code.  The new code will be designed to more effectively reflect the intent of the downtown master plan.


Public meetings were held throughout 2020. The full code rewrite was presented to the community in early 2021. Adoption is expected in the summer of 2021. The latest information about the revisions can be found on the City's website.  





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