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Name:  US 278 Complete Street Project


Description:  This $7M project, funded through a combination of federal, state, and local funds, converts a section of US 278 from Sams Crossing to Ashton Place from 5 vehicular lanes to 3 vehicular lanes with a multi-use path for cyclist and pedestrians. The project will widen sidewalks for pedestrians, add decorative, pedestrian lights, canopy trees, add ADA ramps, crosswalks at intersections, landscaping, seating areas, safety enhancements and parallel parking thru much of the corridor. 

Status:  The Georgia Department of Transportation approved the concept plan and right-of-way plans. Construction drawings are underway for this project. Right-of-way conversations with property owners began in the spring of 2021. Construction is currently slated to start in summer of 2022.

Projected Construction Start Date: 2022

Name:  N. Clarendon and N. Avondale Intersection Improvements

Description:  This $200k plus project is funded through the Georgia Department of Transportation projects safety fund.  Sidewalks will be re-built on the eastside, and crosswalks and pedestrian signals will be added.

Status:  This project began in mid-September. The road was re-paved, restriped, the curbs reset and rebuilt, and new pedestrian lights installed. It is up and operational.

Construction Start Date:  September 2019

Completion Date:  Completed January 2020

Name:  Washington/Parry Extension

Description: The Washington/Parry project enhances and extends this section from N. Clarendon to just past the proposed Town Green. This new street segment is a central part of the new street grid in the Downtown area.

Status: The first section of the road between Oak street and Lake street will be built in conjunction with the Town Green and is expected to be completed in spring of 2022.

Construction Start Date:  Began Summer of 2021


Street Grid


New circulation and connectivity for the downtown is a major objective of the Downtown Master Plan (DMP). The new street grid will provide new streets and smaller blocks creating greater accessibility to the downtown area for people driving, walking, or biking.

The DMP plan includes two proposed concepts for the street grid.  Since the plan was adopted, Pond and Company has been hired to refine the street grid proposal taking into consideration feasibility, cost, and prioritizations. A refined street grid proposal was adopted by the BOMC in December 2019.


Evaluation Criteria
  • Walkable blocks on-scale with historic blocks
  • Connectivity through Downtown
  • Multi-modal (bikes, walking, transit)
  • Slow-moving vehicles
  • On-street parking
  • Highly landscaped
  • Support of various types and sizes of development
  • Cost-conscious and feasible
Adopted Street Grid
2019-11-25 (2).png

Stormwater Improvements:

The DDA has hired Long Engineering to evaluate stormwater options to address onsite stormwater needs for the Town Green project. Stormwater will be built in conjunction with the Town Green.

A city-wide stormwater master plan identified one significant and high priority project at the intersection of Washington and Pine Street. The city anticipates implementing improvements at this intersection in 2022 or as funds become available. 

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